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Watch Nigel Appear With A Camaro!

Filmed in the world-famous Thousand Islands, Nigel & Camaro appear in an open parking lot!

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For the last 15 years, Nigel Harrison has been making his mark in the world of entertainment as one of the most talented magicians in Canadian history. Harrison came to the world of magic, like most kids, when his parents gave him a magic set for Christmas. By age eleven he had perfected the basics like making handkerchiefs and coins disappear.

“I’m a technical geek, so I was always interested in the how-to of magic”, he says . . .

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It has been a very interesting summer. In May I very hesitantly took my final bow aboard the beautiful MV Canadian Empress. Over the last 10 years on her stage I have met innumerous memorable folks from all over the world who entertained me as much with their stories as I tried with my magic. It was a wonderful experience which allowed me to really test and mold my performance. I will be forever greatful to St. Lawrence Cruise Lines, the crew and the Clark family for the opportunity and their support.

A new adventure has me traveling between Ontario and Alberta, taking time to explore some northern parts of this beautiful Country, seeking inspiration and developing new material.

My two professional passions continue to be magic and film making. As I continue to explore/develop new concepts in illusion, I have taken some time over the past few months to step behind the camera on other non-magic related projects. This has allowed me to momentarily step back from magic "stresses" and focus on, and further hone, some production skills.

My goal is to focus on stepping outside of my comfort box, raise the bar, and challenge myself to take strides towards giving my audiences a new perspective of magic.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned...



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